Brian Morris — Retiree Bio

For 30 years, Brian Morris has been making music with the GRCC Music Department: eight years as an adjunct and 21 as a full time faculty member.

Brian says: “It’s always a blessing to have really talented and hard-working students, but I have had the pleasure over the years to get to watch several students who came to GRCC and didn’t start well.  But with hard work and better decision making they persevered and ended up doing very well.  Watching and helping people grow is a beautiful thing.”

Brian shares a story that demonstrates his sense of belonging here at GRCC – from student to faculty member : “I was a student at GRJC in the 1970s and when I became a faculty member in 1992 it was such an honor to be working alongside some of my former teachers.  One of them, Chuck Buffham would sometimes introduce me and very kindly mention that I had been one of the top two or three students he’d ever taught.  One year we were at the Foundation Christmas party talking with a group of people and Chuck again mentioned that I had been one of the top two or three students he’d ever had, and my wife without missing a beat quipped back, ‘Well I would say he’s also been one of the top two or three husbands I’ve ever had.’”

Brian plans to keep performing, writing, arranging and teaching music; to do some writing about music, music education and life; and to spend more time with my five grandsons, three who live nearby and two who live in Cambridge, UK.  “And of course hanging with my wife, Debbie.”

Upon his retirement, Brian would like to thank all of the great people at GRCC, all of the wonderful students, and Kevin Dobreff and the Music Department faculty and staff: “It’s been such a great honor to make music with you all and to have been a part of this great institution!”

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