Ford Fieldhouse Updates

Summer has finally arrived! We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. We wanted to take the opportunity to not only update you, but thank you for your continued support and patience.  We would not be here if it wasn’t for you! 

We have a couple of updates for you to get the summer semester rolling: 

Mask Update

As you may know, the Governor recently announced the new mask policy for the state.  However, the Ford Fieldhouse’s policies will remain the same until further notice. Wearing of a face mask will be required in all spaces in the building and during your workout.  The only time a mask is not required is while you are actively swimming in the pool.  As we receive more guidance from the college about this new mask policy, we will update you.  


Starting May 24th, the Ford Fieldhouse Lobby will have some construction happening near the concession stand.  Although the hallway will be obstructed, you will still be able to walk through to the aquatics facility, vending machines, and restrooms.  

Summer Hours

The hours for the fitness center and pool have not changed, but I have attached a friendly reminder of what those hours look like.  

As always, please don’t hesitate to call or email us with any questions. Thank you for your patience and understanding once again, and we will keep you as updated as we can. 

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