GRCC Employee Learning Needs Survey – your input is requested

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At GRCC, learning is life – from our students to our employees, learning is the essence of what we do and who we are.

As an employee of GRCC, your learning needs and interests are very important.  Professional and personal growth is vital to employee engagement, performance, and overall job satisfaction. Your voice is essential to this process.

Planning for the next academic year HR learning opportunity schedule has already begun and we want to hear from all employees. Please take a few moments of your time to complete this short survey. 

GRCC employee learning needs survey

We are grateful for your feedback and ultimately want to cater our learning opportunity curriculum to meet your needs. Although we can’t implement every idea, (is underwater basket-weaving even a thing? 😊 ) we appreciate that you are communicating how we can best support you.

Thank you for being responsive to this request. Please complete by Friday June 4.

For questions, more information, or comments — please contact

Tech Tip: How to add PowerPoint slides to your Lightboard video

Earlier this week we shared with you a video on how to use the Lightboard system located in Media Technologies. In today’s Tech Tip, Jim, from IT Media, expands on that to show you some ways to add some extra pizazz to your videos by incorporating PowerPoint slides. Both videos are included below and we highly recommend watching the Lightboard Basics first if you haven’t already.

How To Use the Lightboard- Basics

How To Use The Lightboard – Using PowerPoint Slides

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