Policy review and updates

Policy Meeting
May 2021

6.8 Remote Work (NEW)

  • Establishes a formal policy and agreement to allow for remote work arrangements when appropriate
  • Responds to Covid “lessons learned” about the advantages of remote work in some circumstances.
  • Establishes criteria for remote work arrangements to ensure consistent treatment of remote work requests by employees or supervisors.
  • Requires annual review of remote work arrangements  

11.22 Economic Development Participation

No changes

6.5 Title IX Sexual Harassment

No changes 

6.4 Sexual Misconduct (revised)

IIIB. Clarified that a Responsible Employee’s Duty to Report includes reporting “potential” violations and is required regardless of what capacity the employee is in when they become aware of the concern.

IIIC. Retaliation: Include portion of definition consistent with EO and Non-discrimination policy.

IIID. Added language to “False statements” section to clarify that a “not responsible” finding is not sufficient to meet burden of showing a false statement was knowingly, intentionally and maliciously made.

IXB. Consent:

  • Added “intimidation” to explanation of how consent may be coerced. 
  • Also added “Any sexual activity without consent is prohibited by this policy when a participant knew or reasonably should have known that consent was not present or had been withdrawn.”

IXK. Sexual exploitation: remove “student” from definition to clarify that prohibition on sexual exploitation includes non-students.

IXL. Sexual Harassment: removed gendered language so definition now includes: “Unsolicited, offensive behavior may involve harassment of an individual(s) of any gender against another individual or individuals of any gender.”

XA2. Add specific language clarifying that programming includes information about the “procedures for institutional disciplinary action”.

XB1. Language specifies that Clery-crimes reported to Campus Police will be referred to Title IX Coordinator; edited to add that other possible violations of this policy that are reported to GRCC police will also be referred to Title IX Coordinator. Also added clarification that GRCC police can help complainants identify correct jurisdiction for a possible crime that occurred off campus.

XB2. Added clarifying language to provide additional information about:

  • Victims’ rights; this information is available to every complainant regardless of whether they pursue a criminal complaint or whether the offense is alleged to have occurred on campus. 
  • written notification is provided to complainants about protective measures, including assistance in requesting them and how to do so.
  • institutional no-contact orders

XB3. Withdrawal of complaint: Added language to address circumstance where Complainant withdraws complaint after the investigation is completed: “If the Complainant withdraws the complaint at any point before the final appeal options have been exhausted, this may affect the outcome of the investigation.”

XB5. Provision of Resources: Updated language throughout policy indicating that the Center for Women in Transition in Ottawa County has been renamed to Resilience, and is gender inclusive.

XB6. Added clarification of the content of training provided to employees involved with the investigation and adjudication process under this policy.

For more information, please visit the policy website.

Let’s talk technology

For over two years now, GRCC has been all Google all the time. Our fantastic IT staff has been instrumental not only in the transition, but in the ongoing training of our employee community in utilizing Google Workspace (Gmail, Google Calendar, Chat, Meet, Google Drive, Forms, etc). This technology is essential for enhancing our productivity and efficiency of the work we do at the College.

No matter what department or office you work in, Google tools have most certainly become a part of your work routine and functions – especially in the last year when we all had to embrace technology even more.

Your needs are important and our goal is to help you do your work better. Please take a few moments to complete this Google Training Survey to help us develop the content and courses for next year. Thank you for your input!

GRCC Tech Tips

Thank you for making Tech Tips such a successful collaboration! 

We hope that you have been finding valuable insights into the time-saving technology tips that we have been sharing with you! These tips are shared with us from customers like you! If you’ve found a technical tip or workaround that makes your job, or your team’s job easier, we need you to share that with us! We don’t always know what we don’t know so please share anything and everything. Ideas can be sent to techtips@grcc.edu

When you submit an idea to techtips@grcc.edu, please detail what the tip is in regards to, the process or steps to perform the function, and if possible, link any related articles that would best help us draft a post to GRCC Today. One of our team members will develop either a written post for GRCC Today or create a brief video based on the tip to share with others when applicable. We will always review our developed content with you, the content expert, prior to sharing it with the campus community. 

We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you, and sharing your tips with the campus community!

Roadmap for GRCC leaders session

A new session has been developed to guide supervisors and GRCC leaders in understanding the process for addressing employee behavior concerns.

All are welcome to enroll in the upcoming “Roadmap for GRCC Leaders” opportunity.

Facilitated by Cathy Kubiak and Kathy Keating, this session will provide guidance on how to notice and respond via the Roadmap outline.

Join the first session:

Wednesday June 16 (10-11a.m.)

Register for all HR learning opportunities via the Professional Development tile in your Online Center account.