Former Biodiversity student participates with David Attenborough publication

Jonathan Douglas, a former Biodiversity student who was dual-enrolled from City High Middle School, and took a number of courses at GRCC, including Chemistry, Zoology, and Botany, has had a previously published photograph of butterflies from his thesis in the scientific journal Experimental Biology selected to be the back cover of a new book that will accompany David Attenborough’s “Life in Colour” series now appearing on Netflix.  

The series and the accompanying book examines how “color,” (including color produced by polarized and ultraviolet light), is used by animals and plants for communication, defense, and crypsis.  The Attenborough production is a fascinating series (David Attenborough is now 95 but you’d never know it).

Jonathan Douglas is the son of Matthew Douglas (GRCC Biology Department); he currently teaches at Arizona State University and Phoenix College in the Maricopa system.  

Below is a picture of the back cover.

Butterflies: the back cover of book.

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