GRCC In the News, 06-29-2021

GRCC freezes tuition rates for 2021-22

June 27, 2021;

Grand Rapids Community College is taking steps to hold the line on costs in an effort to keep education accessible and affordable for residents as West Michigan emerges from the pandemic.


June 27, 2021; Community College Daily (American Association of Community Colleges)

… Lauren Ferullo will be Grand Rapids Community College’s new athletics director, the first woman to hold that post at the Michigan college. Ferullo has been Davenport University’s assistant athletic director for compliance since 2010, and held a similar role at Lake Erie College in Ohio.

President Joe Biden set to visit Traverse City on Saturday

June 28, 2021; The Detroit News

Washington — President Joe Biden will visit Traverse City on Saturday to “celebrate our country’s progress against the virus,” the White House announced Monday. 

… First lady Jill Biden also traveled to Michigan this month, speaking at a pop-up vaccine clinic at Grand Rapids Community College’s DeVos campus.

When We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know: Exploring the Impact of Prerequisite Developmental Education Requirements

June 28, 2021Michigan Center for Student Success

Community college faculty and administrators have imagined for a long time that education can be like a factory system. Students come in with academic deficiencies and colleges “fix” them by way of prerequisite developmental education (DE) courses. Presto! They come out the other side college-ready. What an efficient and productive assembly line we’ve created!

… Similar to Jackson’s experience with DE prerequisites, Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) implemented a policy for mandatory placement. This policy was based on available data at the time and was approved by the College’s Academic Governing Council with the best of intentions to support student success. Following the policy’s approval, several courses were revised to add DE prerequisites. This revision process included endorsement by GRCC’s Curriculum Approval Team and an implementation process that required updating registration systems so that students would enroll in the appropriate DE prerequisite courses based on their placement level. 

(This article, published on Linkedin, was co-authored by Sheila Jones, dean of Instructional Support.)

Community leaders shine a spotlight on Minority Mental Health Month, with i understand

June 28, 2021; WOOD TV

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)-July is Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. Join i understand and local leaders to help shine a spotlight on the need for better mental/brain health resources in our minority and underserved communities in West Michigan. By working together, we can create change that will provide a better system of support. Let’s embrace our differences, celebrate our diversity and recognize that mental/brain health illnesses do not discriminate. By building stigma-free communities and connecting individuals to culturally relevant mental wellness services – real change can occur.

(The video accompanying this report features President Pink.)

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