Retirement bio of Mike Vargo

Mike began 17 years ago as a faculty member in the GRCC Behavioral Sciences/Psychology Department, he became department head, then followed by interim and associate dean of School of Arts & Sciences Operations. He then served the college as Associate Dean of SAS Evaluation and Hiring, and ended his GRCC career as Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences.

Mike has “1,000 stories” from his time at GRCC.  His favorite night of every academic year is graduation, and the honor of calling the names of the graduates from the School of Arts & Sciences. 

“My favorite moment, over and over, is looking each graduate in the eye as I call their name, and seeing them thrill as they begin their walk to receive their diploma, bathed in the light of the cheers of their friends and family members.”

His retirement plans are to take on the role of Vice President of Academic Affairs/Provost at Chemeketa Community College in Salem, Oregon.

Sounds like a busy retirement for sure!

Mike would like to leave the GRCC family with this sentiment:

“My sincere thanks to all of my friends and colleagues at GRCC. How lucky are we that we get to spend this portion of our working lives doing something so instrumentally important for our students and the community we serve? My best to each of you.”

Congratulations and Best wishes to you Mike!

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