GRCC In the News, 7/30/2021

Morning Buzz: July 29

July 29, 2021; FOX 17

… 3. Grand Rapids Community College is showing off its new Lakeshore Campus next month.

Ferris State finds cost-effective way to conduct COVID tests

July 29, 2021; Grand Rapids Business Journal

Students and faculty from Ferris State University’s College of Pharmacy and  College of Health Professions conducted a COVID-19 testing study for the journal, Exploratory Research in Clinical and Social Pharmacy. 

… “I was so impressed by the collaboration that this presented, among our colleges, and various university departments, so the program was run well and managed appropriately,” (pharmacy professor Michael) Klepser said. “We were contacted by Muskegon Community College when they sought input on presenting a manageable monitoring program, and our staff provided weekly testing to athletes at Grand Rapids Community College for their seasons. This whole testing program was something that students, faculty and administrators in the Colleges of Pharmacy and Health Professions rallied around and supported so that the program could be a success.” 

Why Grand Rapids Community College is opening a new Lakeshore Campus and how to see it in August

July 30, 2021; MLive

HOLLAND, MI – Grand Rapids Community College is gearing up to welcome students to its new Lakeshore Campus ahead of the fall semester.

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