Transition from Knowmia, GRCC’s current video hosting solution, to Panopto

As you may already know, GRCC is in the process of moving to a new video hosting solution called Panopto.  Earlier this year, TechSmith announced they were discontinuing Knowmia, GRCC’s current video hosting solution. IT and DLIT have been working diligently the past couple months to try and make the transition for employees and students to Panopto as smooth as possible. 

We have already copied all Knowmia videos that were created prior to June 15, 2021 (along with their folder structure and quiz info) over to Panopto and will be making those videos available shortly.  We are also beginning to copy over Knowmia videos created June 15 and after (through August 13). In addition, we have partnered with a company called K16 solutions, who will update any Knowmia video links in Blackboard to point to Panopto (only for Knowmia videos created August 13 or before). This update will happen once the Knowmia videos are all copied over.      

Please note that only Knowmia videos created on August 13 and before will be automatically copied over.  Any video uploaded to Knowmia after August 13 will need to be manually uploaded to Panopto or another video hosting solution prior to January 1, 2022.  On January 1, TechSmith Knowmia will no longer be available.  Any videos hosted on Knowmia will not be accessible, which would also cause Blackboard links to those videos to break.  We discourage uploading videos to Knowmia after August 13th, because it will possibly require you to move videos and update video links in Blackboard.  

We do realize that you may not be able to get acclimated and start using Panopto prior to fall startup, so we have extended our TechSmith Knowmia contract through the end of year in an attempt to allow for more flexibility during this transition. We recommend attending a training session, watching a webinar, or reviewing resources on Panopto as soon as you can.

We have listed some available training sessions, webinars, and resources on Panopto below. You can also sign into Panopto directly at any time at, where you will find some getting started videos. Panopto also provides direct support to all employees and students via Panopto’s Support Portal. We will be sending out multiple communications in the coming months regarding Panopto. Please be on the lookout for them and posts in GRCC Today. Until then, we hope you are having a good summer and we are looking forward to a great fall startup.

Summer Teaching and Learning Institute 2021 upcoming Panopto Sessions

Panopto Basic Training Recorded Webinars:

Panopto Weekly Q&A Virtual Office Hours:

Panopto Getting Started Resources

Panopto Support:

  • or 1-855-Panopto (1.855.726.6786) Ext:443
    • Talk to Panopto Support via phone or chat, submit a ticket, search knowledgebase, and access Panopto resources.  

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