Student Organization renewal/activation window is open

All new and returning student organizations must be registered or re-registered to benefit from being a student organization. Any students looking to renew a student organization or form a new one can look up the requirements on the Student Life webpage.

To renew or create a new student organization, you can log in to Raider Connect, then navigate to the student organization registration page. There is no longer a deadline to renew/create a student organization, but all student organization related activity requires annual renewal/activation. Your student organization must renew in order to take advantage of the benefits of being a registered student organization!

Perks of being a registered student organization:

  • Reserve space on campus for meetings and events
  • Table to recruit students to your organization
  • Post flyers up of your student organization
  • Travel as a student organization
  • Ask for funding for meetings, events, and conferences
  • Fundraise on campus (use of cash box, and RaiderCard readers)
  • Use of storage space

If you have questions, please let us know by calling 616-234-4160, emailing or stopping by our office; first floor of the Student Center! We’re excited to see you.

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