GRCC Student Records announces the launch of Academic Advisement for evaluating graduation requirements

Here are some of the changes to the process of evaluating graduation requirements:

  • My Degree Path goes away for students on 8/30/21 to coincide with the start of the Fall 2021 semester.
  • Students now have access to an “Academic Progress” tile in their online center/student self-service
  • Faculty will continue to have access to My Degree Path until October 31, 2021 in their online center/faculty self-service
  • We are working on creating an option for faculty that may want to assist students in reviewing outstanding graduation requirements to view student academic advisement reports in the online center and will announce once this is available. We encourage you to ask the student to share the information in their academic progress tile with you when advising students on graduation.
  • Academic Advisement is not a course planning tool, students should use Navigate for course planning.
  • We are planning to provide some additional training for staff and faculty. A recorded training is available through CTE.
  • This is the video that we have created for students

Thank you!!!!

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