2021 GRCC employee Walking & Wellness Challenge wraps up

The summer Walking & Wellness Challenge has concluded. This year included sixteen weeks of fun!

The challenge included weekly downtown area locations, participants who were working on campus (or not) could walk to as well as weekly West Michigan excursions to explore various parks, trails, and nature preserves.

We used the Google Currents page to share updates on our adventures.

GRCC employees tracked their activities via counting steps as well as active minutes.

I’m excited to report that we tracked a record amount of activity this year:

Over 35 million steps were walked (or ran)

Equivalent to nearly 18,000 miles and 676 marathons. Way to go GRCC family!!

It was most certainly more, as not everyone reported every week.

Keep active — we’ll be back again next year!

Thanks to the fantastic planning team this year — Stacia Barczak, Bryan Door, Phoenix Noelle, and Angela Salinas.

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