Registration for the Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Series is now open

Guest Faculty: Dr. Reginald A. Blockett, Grand Valley State University

Session Topics

  • Understanding Power, Privilege, and Oppression (Oct. 20)
  • Exploring Anti-Racism and Anti-Deficit Approaches to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Work (Oct. 27)
  • Intersectionality…More than a Buzzword (Nov. 10)
  • Mobilizing Equity and Justice Agendas (Nov. 17)

Note: Registration closes on Monday, Oct. 18 or when sessions reach capacity.

Dr. Reginald A. Blockett wearing a blue sweater and smiling.
Dr. Reginald A. Blockett

2021 Van Marinus Swets Award Winner shares photos from family trip to Tennessee

Kaelee Steffens, who won Honorable Mention for her essay in the 2021 Van Marinus Swets Award competition, shares some photos of a family trip to Tennessee. There were 13 family members in one rental house for a week.

Her brother Evan Macklin has quite a memorable experience when a bear approached his car with him and his wife in it!  How’s that for memories?! Kaylee says, “Too funny. I think we all had nightmares – we were so afraid to go out to our cars alone after that. Haha.”

Important payroll information

Welcome Back. …We hope you all enjoyed your summer and that the fall semester is off to a great start. Please refer to the following information for some important payroll reminders and new Online Center functionality for supervisors.

Employee Timesheets

It is the employee’s responsibility to complete and submit their own timesheet by 12 noon on the Monday following a pay date. Employees should never have someone else, including a coworker or a direct report, from their department complete their timesheet on their behalf. Please contact Becky Bailey if a situation arises when an employee is not able to complete their own timesheet.

Reporting Telecommute hours worked

Now that we are all back to working on campus…Employees that have been approved to work from home according to the college’s Remote Work Policy should report hours worked from home under the Telecommute (TC) column on their biweekly timesheet. 

Approved Annuity Vendors

The college has a list of approved annuity agents that employees can work with for before tax payroll deductions and financial planning. Please refer to GRCC Tax Sheltered Annuity Vendors for name and contact information. 

Employee Parking Deductions

GRCC will resume the employee parking deduction this fall.  We had temporarily suspended parking deductions in March of 2020.   The deduction will start on the September 17, 2021 pay date for staff and full time faculty, and on the October 1, 2021 pay date for adjunct instructors. 

New Supervisor Leave Bank View

Supervisor can now view their direct reports leave balances through the Online Center under Supervisor Self Service-My Employees’ Leave Balances. We hope you find this resource helpful.