Tech Tip: Google Calendar Work Locations

Google has been working on updating various applications to make them more accessible for users no matter where they are working. The latest update is the ability to add working locations within Google Calendar.

Google Calendar now allows users to set where they will be working on specific days. You can set your location as working in the office, at home, or specify a specific location. This is helpful so people know your location when they’re inviting you to an event or appointment. 

To set up working locations:

  1. Navigate to Google Calendar
  2. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner
  3. Select Settings
  4. Click Working Hours and Locations under the general tab
  5. Check the box that reads Enable working location
  6. You may enable working hours if you would like to include the times you will be working
  7. Choose the days you will be working
  8. On each day using the drop-down menu select where you will be working
  9. You may choose Office, Home, Unspecified, or Somewhere else
    1. If you choose somewhere else you will be required to enter the location 

Once this is set, locations you will be working on a specific day will display to anyone who access to your calendar.

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