Here to Help: Bruné Garcia oversees RaiderCards – your campus ID, and so much more

 Bruné Garcia smiling.

Always remember, at GRCC, you are surrounded by people who want you to be successful and are ready to walk with you on your educational pathway. We are here to help!

Meet Bruné Garcia. As the service and technology coordinator for Student Life and Conduct, Bruné oversees something used by every GRCC student and employee: RaiderCards.

RaiderCards are your student ID – and so much more. RaiderCards as part of GRCC’s ongoing commitment to campus safety.

RaiderCards can be used for parking, point-of-sale registers on campus, cash-to-card machines, vending machines, printing, and, in some cases, door access.

You can use your RaiderCard to check out materials in the Library, access the campus food pantry, and get into the Gerald R. Ford Fieldhouse and use the GRCC Fitness Center.

A RaiderCard also is your ticket to free admission to GRCC sporting events and, through the Go See GR program, also the Grand Rapids Art Museum, Grand Rapids Public Museum, Gerald R. Ford Museum, John Ball Zoo, and Grand Rapids Children’s Museum.

Bruné also is the main supervisor for the front desk staff at the Student Life and Conduct office where RaiderCards are printed, online photo submissions are approved, and where students can connect with other students through clubs and organizations.

As a college student, Bruné remembers choosing GRCC because the tuition was affordable and it was close to where he lived. He started working at GRCC in 2004 as a student in the Ford Fieldhouse as a lifeguard.

After graduating from GRCC with an associate degree, Bruné worked in the Enrollment Center while attending Ferris State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

Bruné later moved to Student Life and Conduct, where he and his team are ready to help!  As an alum and employee, Bruné knows the ins and outs of GRCC. If you have a question he’s unfamiliar with, he and his team will get you to the right person.

“The feeling of knowing that I can make a difference is what gets me excited about coming to work here,” Bruné says. “What moves me to connect with students is the knowledge that I’m supported by my team.  I’ll always have someone to ask for help with finding the right answer.”

You can connect with Bruné and his team in the Student Life office on the first floor of GRCC’s Student Center. 

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