Tech Tip: Resetting your GRCC Password

The MyGRCC password expires every 120 days. To avoid any potential login issues, we recommend resetting your password at the beginning of every semester. To change your password, login to the MyGRCC Portal, and select Hello, USERNAME in the upper righthand corner and select Change Password. Once your password is reset, it will sync with all of your accounts immediately except for email which will take an additional 15 minutes.  

Please Note: If prompted to change your password at login on a campus computer, make sure to follow the requirements for a new password. Passwords need to be at least 10 characters long, have at least one capital letter as well as one number.

If you set a password that does not meet these requirements, it will not sync across all your accounts. If you are noticing you need to use multiple passwords to login to your accounts, please reset your password through the MyGRCC Portal to ensure it will sync. 

Resetting Your Password

For more information and helpful tips, please visit the IT Customer Support Portal or contact the IT Customer Support Desk at x4357.

If you have a suggestion or a Technology Tip you think can be useful, you can submit them by emailing 

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