Evidence Based Selection Process (EBSP) Update (*slightly revised)

We’re happy to provide this update on our work to implement EBSP for our staff positions.  Our last update was mid-April, 2021….so here are updated facts for you.

Our HR Project team began implementing in October 2020.

–We started with an announcement and video to the Strategic Leadership Team in October, 2020.

–We’ve conducted 8 EBSP virtual training sessions…and 87 employees have attended and learned about this important process.

–We’ve completed ten subject matter expert sessions for all ten of our job families.  The subject matter sessions validated all of the job analysis work that was done during our project team’s cohort sessions.  Thank you to all of the subject matter experts who participated.

–We currently have 34 active EBSP searches at the moment.

–We completed 48 searches through EBSP. We’ve had hiring activity in 8 of the 10 job families thus far.

–Of these 48 searches, 29 resulted in internal promotions.  Of the 29 internal promotions, 10 of these promotions were employees of color…34% of the total.  This promotion statistics exceeds our last workforce statistics report that you saw in the September BOT meeting (26.4%)

–The balance of the 48 completed EBSP searches were external hires.  Of the 19 external hires, 8 of the external hires are employees of color…42% of the total.  This new hire statistic exceeds our last workforce statistics report (33%)

–One of our recently promoted employees provided a testimonial on their EBSP experience….Denise Jones, Coordinator of Student Success and Retention…

“I had a wonderful and slightly nerve racking (on my part) experience during the hiring process. Also, I found it to be very beneficial and efficient because I realized the evidence-based selection process wants to ensure that the candidate will meet the necessary requirements for the position.”

–One of our hiring managers provided a testimonial on their EBSP experience:

Gary Ebels, Professor and Department Head, GRCC Criminal Justice Department:

  • The EBSP system is really efficient and allows the Hiring Manager (with the help of the HR Representative) to focus on hiring the best person for the position they lead.
  • The EBSP process eliminates the challenge of finding time on other search committee member schedules to meet and review.
  • It puts the position directly in the hands of the person who knows the position, culture, and needs.
  • I applaud and support GRCC for adopting and implementing this process.
  • Maybe not strength or challenge, but I included my Associate Dean as an observer in this process. We followed the guidelines and I offered to put her comments in the interview form. The advantage was that the AD was my supervisor who needed to approve my recommendation. Because she had observed my interviews and we shared the same thoughts of all the candidates, it took her just “seconds” to approve my recommendation to move this to an offer.

Training sessions are offered once per month.  Anyone is welcome to come and learn about EBSP…training session registration information is found on the website. *One of our recent training participants shared this comment: “This new process is very objective and it is the best process in my 40 yrs in education.”

–A special thank you to Dr. Pink, the Executive Leadership group, hiring managers and the HR project team…you’ve been so supportive of our learning, design and implementation of EBSP.   

–Our next step with EBSP is to collect more feedback on the hiring process.  New hires and hiring managers will be provided a survey (it’s called “post-hire survey”) to get more feedback on the experience and quality of hires. 

–If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Cathy Kubiak, Exec Director of Human Resources.

Cathy Kubiak ~ Exec Dir of Human Resources

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