Professional development breakfast sponsored by GEAR UP Wyoming

Asking for help is a privilege.

This week at Sneden Hall guidance counselors and support staff from Wyoming districts attended a professional development breakfast sponsored by GEAR UP Wyoming.

GRCC’s Admissions and Enrollment Director Lori Cook, GVSU’s Associate Vice President and Director of Admissions Jodi Chycinski, and Calvin University’s Director of Undergraduate Admissions Melissa Rousseau discussed admissibility for first-generation students.

Cook emphasized the importance of completing the FAFSA and noted the college’s flexibility to accept applications throughout the year for fall, winter, or summer enrollment.

Chycinski noted that first-generation parents need both support and knowledge to understand the value of higher education. She added that institutions that mandate mentors for first-generation students, who may not otherwise ask for help, show higher completion rates.

For her part, Rousseau spoke about doubts students have when writing application essays. She said students must consider both content and style to represent themselves to admissions officers well.

Tuesday’s event marked the first in a series of three professional development sessions for middle and high school counselors and support staff at Kelloggsville, Godwin Heights, Godfrey Lee, and Wyoming as part of the GEAR UP Wyoming federal grant to support 850 students in the Class of 2024.

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