Social media accounts at GRCC and new measures to safeguard your passwords

There has been an increase in issues related to GRCC social media over the last year, from accounts being hacked to passwords being lost. That makes pages inaccessible and with outdated information. Students rely on these accounts when they’re looking for colleges. We need your help.

GRCC policy 15.3 Web & Digital Content includes safeguards to prevent passwords from being lost and to ensure the college will always have access to accounts. It also provides guidance and support if it is determined new accounts are necessary.

The policy calls for:

  • Each social media account to have at least two account administrators assigned in order to maintain access to passwords and contact in an emergency.
  • All GRCC social media accounts to add the communications director or their designee as an administrator.
  • The Communications Department to be provided with the names of the site administrators and the passwords for each page, and must be notified if any changes or additions to maintain access to passwords and emergency contacts.
  • For accounts maintained by student organizations, passwords and site administrator names to be shared with the Director of Student Life and Conduct, or their designee.
  • Employees wishing to create a department-, course- or organization-specific social media account to submit a plan to the Director of Communications for maintaining the proposed social media page and ensuring its content is updated and passwords maintained. The application is available here.

The policy also includes social media best practices and guidelines, which will be helpful for all. You can find them here.

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