10-day Equity Challenge starts Nov. 1

GRCC’s Office of Diversity Inclusion and Equity is endorsing an opportunity the United Way is able to offer through our college’s partnership.

The Equity Challenge can help you discover how issues of race and privilege impact our community and everyday lives—whether we realize it or not. The goal is to build long-term habits that empower you to take action in the fight for social justice.

Participants will start each day with a new theme and a selection of related articles, podcasts, videos, and more to choose from. There will also be occasions when you will be encouraged to focus on personal reflection or engage with organizations in your community.

By committing to the challenge, participating in the activities, and connecting with one another, together we’ll be better equipped to identify inequity and act to dismantle racism and all other forms of discrimination.

Beginning November 1: 10-Day Challenge 

This abbreviated version of the Equity Challenge is designed to take participants through a state and local level exploration of the history and impacts of racism and how it has shaped the lives of people in our community.


Commit to the challenge:

  • Encourage your employees to start each day of the challenge by reading the introduction
  • Explore the topic in-depth using the options provided

Stay engaged:

  • Encourage your employees to capture their daily reflections and actions using our activity log.
  • Explore this work with your employees using our discussion guide. Schedule lunch and learns or times you can gather to reflect.
  • Share your company’s involvement on your social media using the examples below.
  • Connect with local agencies and organizations that work to solve inequities.
  • Find volunteer opportunities, community events, and more by following us on Facebook.

Self-register at  Equity Challenge 

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