How to run an academic advisement report- changes coming at the end of October

My Degree Path will no longer be available to staff and faculty once October 2021 ends. Academic Advisement, known to students as Academic Progress will be the degree audit tool used moving forward. Academic advisement includes degree plans beginning in the 2017-2018 academic catalog.

The good news is that academic advisement/academic progress is available now!

So… how do you locate academic advisement and run a report?

If you are teaching a class and you are advising students you can request access to academic advisement through your faculty center in your online center tile.

Run a WHIF report type to view a “what if” degree audit with an academic program different from what a student is declared in.

Run an ADVIP report type to view the real-time degree audit for a student’s declared academic program.

If you are staff or faculty that requires access to academic advisement for your work but are not teaching classes you can access it in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions (

Navigating to academic advisement in the CWIS:

From the Navigation Bar: Academic Advisement>Student Advisement>Request Advisement Report

Requests for access to the report may be emailed to

Requests for individual training may be submitted here.

A CTE training session was held on October 20 from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. If you couldn’t attend, it has been recorded and made available through CTE.

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