November is Transgender Awareness Month

Transgender flag.
Transgender Pride Flag

Transgender Awareness Month is celebrated in November. It is a crucial time to uplift the voices and experiences of the transgender and gender non-conforming community through education and action, and to promote equality.

GRCC is an organization that supports transgender and gender nonconforming students and employees through its 6.1 Transgender Equal Opportunity and other initiatives. GRCC is committed to a college culture that respects and values all students and employees, and fosters understanding of gender identity within the college community.

The LGBTQ+ Inclusive Fundamentals Team, CAP 3.4, is providing a list of GRCC resources to support LGBTQ+ employees, students, and the larger community and to show ways GRCC has become more inclusive of transgender and non-binary folks.

GRCC offers procedures to change names on email, locker room access provisions, options for reporting names and pronouns on our application, ways to communicate name and pronouns to instructors, Gender-inclusive restroomsMental Health & Wellness, and Get Help services. Campus contacts are Brett Meyer of General Counsel, Lina Blair of Student Life and Conduct, and Human Resources.

The CAP also wants to highlight community advocates and partners: Grand Rapids Pride CenterStandOutand Grand Rapids Trans Foundation.

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