This week in the CTE

Panopto Beyond Basics 

Come dig deeper into the features of Panopto. GRCC’s new campus video platform. In this hands-on Hyflex session, we’ll practice advanced recording options, including Panopto for desktop and recording multiple video streams.

We’ll also look at advanced features in the Panopto video viewer and editor, as well as some helpful Panopto integrations with Blackboard courses. 

Also, don’t forget all the self-paced online courses you can take through the CTE:

  • Classroom Emergency Preparedness
  • Design and Deliver Inclusive Courses
  • Blackboard Basics Online
  • Blackboard Grade Center
  • Quality Matters Rubric Online

For full descriptions of all courses, workshops and events the CTE has to offer, and registration instructions, please visit our Calendar and Programming page.

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