Retirement bio of Dawn Zuidgeest-Craft

Dawn spent sixteen years at GRCC. She shares her cherished accomplishments and memories with us.

Activities included:

Initiated and collaborated with employee health teams to make GRCC tobacco and smoke free

Promoted the GRCC Nursing website development

Collaborated interdepartmentally with Biology faculty to prepare students in pre-nursing anatomy

Became certified to teach online and was first Nursing instructor to do so for GH 125

Was one of the faculty to investigate application of zoom in online courses before the pandemic and presented on learning day the advantages of this tool

Created a live simulated OB clinic day for prenatal volunteers to enhance student learning

Worked with the local chapter of the Red Cross to have students assist in smoke detector installs

Collaborated with the Health Department to administer flu shots

What GRCC provided her:

Time to develop teaching methods and opportunities for growth as an educator

DLT support and preparation to teach online

Peer support and laughter

Interactions with a diverse student population who have taught me as much as I taught them

Tuition support for my certification in Medical Anatomy and Physiology from the University of Florida Medical School

An awesome view of downtown!

Plans for retirement from GRCC…

Travel!  This year: Australia and New Zeeland, Ireland (bike trip) Family reunion in the gulf, Nova Scotia next fall.  New York to see our grandkids more.

Will continue to practice part time at St Mary’s as a Nurse Practitioner in the NICU

Take time to write my story.  (I have only the introduction) As I had my last child when I was 49 the title will be “From Breast Feeding to Menopause:  My empty nest might be my casket!” well hopefully not but she has kept me young.  

Thanks for everything CC…..DZC

Congratulations and best wishes Dawn!

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