Retirement bio of Jim Schafer

Jim smiling.
Jim smiling.

Jim has worked for GRJC/CC for 35 years. Prior to that he worked as a student assistant for four months before being offered a 1 year temporary position that was made into a permanent position.

Jim shares, “I have been lucky to be the first and only person to have my job so it has evolved over the years.”

He started with being a student assistant in the Media area helping to operate the cable channels then moved to managing the cable channels and the Telecourse and Telecourse Checkout programs. Throughout his career Jim has had video production and editing in my job description which included working on a mobile uplink truck we operated in the 1990’s. He was also involved with running parts of our distance learning classes. Somewhere in the early 2000’s he was assigned media event planning and coordination which he is currently doing as the main function of his job.

One year, Jim served as a mentor with the Young Business Professionals Group at GRCC where he helped GRCC students with their presentations and performances. It was a very satisfying experience and the group got to travel to Walt Disney World for the finals. Jim was able to get park hopper passes for our group and all of the students were able to explore the parks on their free day. This was great for them to be able to relax and recharge from all their hard work at the conference. Jim also had the opportunity to go to France with Hillery Haney and her student group and saw firsthand what an amazing guided experience she provided to the students. Truly a once in a lifetime experience he loved. 

Jim was asked by one of our professors, Walt Lockwood, to contribute to his script for our 100th anniversary celebration play highlighting the history of the college. He not only got a co-writer credit for his contribution, but ended up acting in the play and singing one of the songs and scenes he helped write.

Jim shares: “It was incredibly nerve wracking and definitely out of my comfort zone but was one of my greatest personal achievements and really made me feel I belonged at GRCC.”

Jim also was fortunate enough to be able to perform a funny holiday poem each year from 2001-2016 and it ended up bringing a lot of joy and feelings of belonging. He’ll treasure those times. 

Jim’s retirement plans include working somewhere else part time and continuing gardening projects for himself and others. He also wants to focus more attention to volunteering for organizations he supports. What he really wants to do is travel more and enjoy more time with family and friends. 

“GRCC is about opportunity. I always felt like I had the freedom to pursue anything I wanted to. I am very thankful for that. The best part of working at GRCC though is the people. I have made some wonderful friends over the last 35 years and I’m sure I will see most of them long after I’m retired.”

Best wishes and congratulations Jim! Thanks for all the laughs and smiles!

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