Tech Tip: Google Calendar Focus Time

Google has been working on updating various applications to make them more accessible for users no matter where they are working. The latest update is the ability to add focus time in your calendar. This allows you to add a block in your calendar where no one can schedule a meeting with you and indicates to people who have access to your calendar that you would like to work uninterrupted to focus. 

Instructions to Block off Focus Time:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select the Create + button in the left corner
  3. Add a title for your focus time
  4. Below the title, select Focus Time 
  5. Add in the dates and time
  6. Select the check box if you choose to automatically decline any meeting requests that come in during your focus time. 
    1. Choose to either Only new meeting invitations or New and existing meetings
    1. Enter a message that will be sent to anyone trying to set up an appointment to you during this block
  7. Add any other details such as location, calendar, or description.
  8. Select Save

       As Google updates more of our applications, we will communicate the changes as quickly as possible to allow for our customers!

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