Technology Notification: TechSmith Knowmia migration to Panopto

As we mentioned last year, GRCC is switching from using TechSmith Knowmia to Panopto for our video hosting. Part of the transition was the migration of TechSmith Knowmia videos to Panopto as well as updating the Blackboard links to point to the migrated videos on Panopto. GRCC partnered with K16 Solutions, a company who was tasked with updating Knowmia video links in Blackboard to the migrated videos in Panopto (only for Knowmia videos uploaded before 8/14/2021). This work was performed at the end of December and K16 Solutions was able to update most of the links with some exceptions (see bullet points below). 

Since K16 Solutions was unable to update all links and some links will need to be updated manually, TechSmith Knowmia will still be accessible through 2/28/2022However, on 3/1/2022, videos that are hosted on Knowmia will not be accessible and any Blackboard links still pointing to those videos will no longer work.

We recommend refraining from uploading any new videos to TechSmith Knowmia or adding any additional links in Blackboard that point to TechSmith Knowmia videos, since they will no longer be available on 3/01/2022. Going forward, new videos should be uploaded to Panopto and new video links in Blackboard should only be linked to videos in Panopto.

We are asking you to review all your courses/organizations to ensure all links are updated accordingly prior to 3/1/2022. In addition to reviewing your courses/organizations, you may need to adjust the sharing privileges on your Panopto videos and/or folders, to ensure they can be accessed from Blackboard.  For any assistance or questions on how to manually update your links in Blackboard or how to adjust the Panopto folder/video sharing, please contact DLIT via email at or via phone at (616) 234-3205.

TechSmith Knowmia video links that were not updated in Blackboard:

  • Any link that is to a TechSmith Knowmia Collection.  The concept of Collections doesn’t exist in Panopto, however you can link to a Panopto folder, which can contain multiple videos.
  • Any link that is utilizing the TechSmith Knowmia Quizzing feature with Blackboard grade integration.  Links to videos containing quizzes could be updated, but there isn’t a way to update the quizzing/grading integration automatically.  If you want to continue using quizzing in your videos, you can utilize Panopto Quiz.
  • Any link to TechSmith Knowmia content that returns a “Media Missing” or “Page Not Found” error.  These errors are most likely because the video was deleted in TechSmith Knowmia, but not the reference in Blackboard.  If the video no longer exists in TechSmith Knowmia, then the video will not exist in Panopto.  The link will need to be updated to an alternative video or removed, since it’s currently broken.
  • Any link to a TechSmith Knowmia video that was created by importing from YouTube.  These links will need to be updated to point directly to the video in YouTube.  An alternative option would be to download the YouTube video, upload it to Panopto, and then update your Blackboard link to point to the video now in Panopto.
  • Any link to a video that was uploaded to TechSmith Knowmia on August 14th or after.  These videos were not migrated to Panopto and will need to be manually moved to Panopto (or another video hosting solution) and the Blackboard links to the videos updated accordingly.
  • Any link to TechSmith Knowmia that is part of a course restored after 1/1/2022.  The TechSmith Knowmia links in the restored course will need to be manually updated to point to Panopto.

If you haven’t started using Panopto, we highly recommend attending a training session, watching a webinar, or reviewing resources on Panopto as soon as you can. We have listed some available training sessions, webinars, and resources on Panopto below. You can also sign into Panopto directly at any time at, where you will find some getting started videos. Panopto also provides direct support to all employees and students via Panopto’s Support Portal.

Panopto Getting Started Resources:

Panopto Basic Training Recorded Webinars:

Panopto Weekly Q&A Virtual Office Hours:

Panopto Support:

  • Talk to Panopto Support via phone or chat, submit a ticket, search knowledgebase, and access Panopto resources.  
  • A Panopto support user account is needed to access all of Panopto Support.  Just click on the “New User” link, enter your GRCC email in the email field and for the Panopto Site URL, and click the Sign Up button.

Service Learning registration

This is a friendly reminder for those faculty integrating service learning into their courses this semester to register them for service learning. The registration form is online.

This process is part of the College Sponsored Student Travel Policy and ensures students are completing necessary risk management procedures.

Service Learning is simply a teaching methodology in which faculty create a learning experience that aligns course learning outcomes to a community need.  Students deepen their learning by serving the community and gain real-world experience.  Students who successfully complete the service learning activity will receive a designation on their official transcript.

Please contact Michael Schavey, Director of Experiential Learning for any questions at

Wellness Champions: ‘Get on Track’ with your new resolutions

Two people walking on the indoor track.

Be a champion! GRCC is helping students and employees focus on all areas of health and wellness as we emerge together from the pandemic.

Wellness is a full integration of physical, mental and spiritual health. That includes physical health, but so much more. During the next year we’re also looking at emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, environmental and occupational health, and how we all can work to help ourselves and each other.

There are many resources at GRCC to help all of these types of wellness. Each week, we’ll introduce you to people and places here on campus ready to support you on your wellness journey.

Many of us made resolutions or set goals to be more active and healthier at the start of the new year.

The Wellness Champions can help.

Get on Track is a new program for employees to get steps on the Hunsberger Arena’s indoor track in the Gerald R. Ford Fieldhouse.

There will be an open timeslot every week for employees to drop by the area’s indoor FFH indoor track and a Wellness Champion will be there to walk with them to encourage, motivate, and just get to know them.

Champions pledging to walk and talk include Provost Brian Knetl, Dean Eric Mullen, Interim Dean Bill Faber, and others. A schedule is available here.

The track is also available for walking during other times. It’s open from 6 – 10:15 a.m. and 12:15 – 1:45 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. on Wednesdays, and 6 – 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. on Fridays.

Angela Salinas, GRCC’s coordinator of Employee Events, Engagement, and On-boarding, said Get on Track supports increased physical activity, but also creates accountability and positive connections among employees.

Angela gets steps with supportive colleague Katie Pena, support professional for a number of Workforce Development programs.  

You can get some serious steps in the arena without worrying about ice and snow. Ten laps are equal to a mile.

Plus, every time you show up for a Get on Track walk, your name gets entered into a monthly drawing for a fun prize. 

Family Saturday Swim is BACK

Just as the cold winter winds blow and the snow piles up and you’re dreaming of sunshine and warmer weather — an opportunity comes along to enjoy a Saturday morning in the Fieldhouse pool with your family! 

Save the date of Saturday February 5, 2022 (10 a.m.-12 p.m.) on your calendar!

The Fieldhouse Pool will be open for aquatic amusement and the concession stand will provide a lunch to all participants (courtesy of HR).

Then you can stick around and continue the family fun as the Raider Basketball teams play at 1 p.m. (women’s) and 3 p.m. (men’s) in the arena. Admission is free!

Please register so we can keep track of the participant number.

Questions or more information contact

Same information as text.

GRCC In the News 01/05/2022

 Threading new skills

December/January 2022 Community College Journal

Michigan’s Grand Rapids Community College has teamed up with Public Thread to create an industrial sewing certificate program to help students gain in-demand skills.

Mr. Ottawa Hills, state championship winning coach Bob Hendrickson passes away

1/4/22 MLive

Bob Hendrickson has a special place in Grand Rapids area high school boys basketball history as well as the hearts of the Ottawa Hills community.

… Ottawa’s back-to-back state championship teams were loaded with future college players. All five starters on the 1969 team played at the next level. (Pat) Smith played at Grand Rapids Community College and Grand Valley, (Ernie) Johnson was a two-year starter at Michigan, Ed Trice at Cleveland State and Dave Harmelink competed at Hope. Larry Ike played baseball at Michigan State.

Winter Semester Information Stations – volunteers still needed

Looking ahead, we’re excited to welcome our students back to campus for Winter 2022 and want to alleviate any challenges our students may be facing. At this time, we’re looking for volunteers to help with the Information Stations that will be set up for the first three days of the new semester (January 10, 11, 12). Sharing in the excitement of new opportunities, easing nerves, and helping students find their way is a great way to start the semester and show our students that we support them! 

A few things about info stations if you’re not familiar: 

1. There will be multiple stations: Sneden, ATC and RJF. 
2. Shifts are 2 hours long and there will be a table and chairs to accommodate 2 volunteers/station.

3. A Google document has been prepared for the occasion and has relevant information to campus services, hours, locations, even classroom schedules to help students find their way. 

If you see information from your area that is outdated, you are welcome to make changes to the document.

4. Please plan on using your GRCC-issued laptop or tablet to access the Google doc of information.

5. Hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes will be available at each station. Please wipe the table down in between volunteer shifts to keep our campus community .
Sign Up Here 

Thanks for considering, we couldn’t do this without you!