Recap of January Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) meeting

GRCC’s Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) met on Friday, January 21, from 9 a.m.-noon.  Here is a recap of the meeting:

  • As part of SLT’s work this year to support the development of a revised GRCC Strategic Plan, the team continued its review of one of our current Strategic Goals and related College Action Projects (CAPs): Infrastructure & Sustainability (Goal 5).
  • The team participated in a breakout discussion about the goal definition, indicators, and CAPs, as well as relevant resources and reports from both a national and internal perspective.
  • Provost Knetl offered an overview of Achieving the Dream (ATD)’s Institutional Capacity Assessment Tool (ICAT).  GRCC is administering the ICAT from now until February 4th.  
  • SLT Executive Team members provided a summary of the Goals 1-4 breakout discussion feedback submitted during our fall semester SLT meetings.  This included a draft of strategic plan recommendations/
  • SLT’s next meeting is Friday, February 18th.  During this meeting, SLT will continue to review submitted feedback and refine our draft strategic plan recommendations.   We will also be joined by our ATD coaches at the February SLT meeting to review and discuss our ICAT results.
  • Revised 2018-2022 GRCC Strategic Plan brochures are available!  Please contact LaKenya Gissendanner at to request copies.  You can also download the electronic version here.
  • Please contact Sheila Jones,, if you have any questions about SLT meetings.

About the Strategic Leadership Team: The purpose of the Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) is to provide a forum that enables a wide variety of college constituency groups the opportunity to provide input into the present and future direction of the College.  This team will guide the development and on-going implementation of our strategic plan, review benchmarking data, study budget realities and offer recommendations for budget priorities.  SLT’s membership includes over 90 representatives of the college community.  Please visit this page to learn more about SLT.

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