My Story Started at GRCC: Assistant Attorney General Ben Holwerda says success ‘would not have been possible’ without GRCC

Ben Holwerda smiling.

Ben Holwerda didn’t really know what he wanted to do with his life, but that didn’t matter at GRCC.

Start at GRCC and go anywhere. Every former student has a story to tell about how GRCC gave them the education and opportunity to be successful.

“GRCC not only gave me the space and freedom to explore my academic curiosities, it equipped me with the foundational skills to succeed in whatever career I wanted,” Holwerda said.

After receiving his associate degree in 2010 – with fond memories of Raider Grille breakfasts – he went on to earn a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and then a Juris Doctorate from William & Mary Law School.

While a law student, he worked as an intern with the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. He also competed in moot court competitions around the country. In 2017, he passed the bar exam on his first try.

Holwerda composed draft opinions and advised on law and case disposition as a clerk with Michigan’s 49th Circuit Court until becoming an assistant attorney general in 2018.

“I am truly blessed to be where I am today,” he said. “However, it would not have been possible without the skills and knowledge that I obtained from GRCC.

“GRCC laid the foundation for my career as an attorney and as a public servant, teaching me to think critically about issues and to write and speak persuasively.”

Let GRCC help you start your story. The first chapter starts at

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