Tech Tip: International travel requirements

While working at GRCC, you may have the opportunity to travel for your position to many great places, some of which may be internationally. Make sure you’re fully prepared for your international travel by working with IT to ensure your data is safe. 

To ensure the safety of your data and the colleges here are some practices to follow when you are traveling outside of the country. 

  1. Staff traveling out of the country should not use their assigned college equipment. Instead they should get a loaner computer from IT.
  2. All laptops traveling out of the country will need to be encrypted.
  3. If there are special software needs, those exceptions need to be addressed by Information Security and the Director of IT Customer Support.

Please know when traveling outside of the U.S., some foreign Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) block U.S. based websites, making it difficult to access certain resources. If you would like to know if you may run into issues you can submit an International Travel Security Check and we will review if any of the GRCC resources you plan to access will be unavailable from your destination(s).

If you have any other questions about the international travel requirements please feel free to reach out to IT Customer Support with your questions.

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