Tech Tips: Mobile Authenticator

With the launch of the new MyGRCC portal, we wanted to give our community more information about what a mobile authenticator is and how you can set one up with your MyGRCC account. 

We totally get it. Learning new technology can be intimidating and confusing. Mobile authenticators don’t need to be and we encourage you to set up this part of your recovery settings in the MyGRCC portal in order to protect your account. There are a few extra steps involved, but it’s worth it! 

Mobile authenticators work similarly as text-based multi-factor authentication does, but instead of receiving a code via text, the code will appear in the app. The code changes every 30 seconds as an added measure of security. A great authenticator app is Google Authenticator which can be downloaded for free from your App Store. 

If you have not setup your recovery options you can set them up by using the full instructions in the knowledge base or the mobile authenticator ones below: 

  1. Choose Phone Type
  2. Click Continue
  3. Scan QR Code
  4. Enter 2nd Factor / One Time Passcode displayed
  5. Click Continue

If you have already completed your recovery options but skipped the mobile authenticator portion you can still set it up using the following instructions: 

  1. Log into MyGRCC
  2. Click drop down in the upper right
  3. Click Edit Profile
  4. Mobile Authenticator
  5. Click Enable mobile authenticator
  6. Choose Phone Type
  7. Click Continue
  8. Scan QR Code
  9. Follow Instructions on phone (varies by device)
  10. Enter 2nd Factor / One Time Passcode displayed
  11. Click Continue

For more information and helpful tips, please visit the IT Customer Support Portal or contact the IT Customer Support Desk at x4357.

If you have a suggestion or a Technology Tip you think can be useful, you can submit them by emailing 

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