Learn from the Best: GRCC alumni, Chef-Professor Bob Schultz continues the tradition of excellence in culinary arts

Chef Bob Schultz working with a student.

Chef Bob Schultz believes the strength of GRCC’s Secchia Institute for Culinary education comes from the expertise and the camaraderie of culinary arts faculty and staff.

“Working together is much easier and successful when a department has the same end goals in mind,” he said.

Chef Schultz brings over 25 years of teaching experience to his team, as well as several degrees focused on excellence in teaching culinary arts classes. He earned an Associate Degree of Applied Arts and Sciences in Culinary Arts from GRCC, a bachelor’s degree in Business from Davenport University, and a master’s degree from Ferris State University in Career and Tech Education. Students can work with Chef Schultz when they take CA 114 International Foods, CA 115 Table Service, CA 180 Co-Op/Internship class, CA 160 Ice Carving, CA 209 Principles of Food Science, or CA 200 Hospitality Management.

Chef Schultz has excelled as a culinary arts faculty member at GRCC because of the college’s commitment to supporting faculty in their professional development.

“I have capitalized in my teaching profession thanks to the commitment from the college supporting me as I earned various degrees and certifications,” he said. “Teaching in the culinary field has always been a career goal. I have been teaching here at GRCC for over 25 years and my goal has always been to bring something to our students that culinary students can’t get from any other culinary school in the United States. Hence my tenacity for knowledge.”

Chef Schultz inspires passion in his students when he focuses on their success by making sure they grasp important concepts no matter their learning style, by diversifying the delivery of the material using different platforms.

Excellence in teaching is a main tenant of Chef Schultz’s career as he continues the work of the Chef-Professors that came before him at GRCC.

“My heroes are the chefs that helped establish our culinary program and its reputation,” he said. “It is because of their work, dedication, and sometimes sheer tenacity to the culinary craft that inspires me. In following their example, I am doing my part to help students fuel their passion for the culinary arts.”

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