Who are the Golden Raiders?

Golden Raiders are the nearly 500 GRCC retirees who have their GRCC careers behind them and are in the midst of enjoying retirement. Golden Raiders are encouraged to remain connected to GRCC and the Gold Team, a small committee of Golden Raiders, in concert with Angela Salinas, Human Resources Employee Events, Engagement, and On-boarding Coordinator, do just that.  

The Team writes and publishes a quarterly newsletter mailed to all Golden Raiders, maintains their GRCC website and manages the Golden Raiders Facebook page.  Frequent emails announce upcoming activities and news. 

For GRCC’s 100 anniversary, the Team developed the Golden Raiders Retiree Scholarship to support family members of Golden Raiders.  Additionally, the Team explores and develops ways for the GRCC retiree population to remain engaged within the GRCC community.  

Some of these activities include

  • volunteering for campus initiatives
  • engaging in learning opportunities
  • sending get well/encouragement cards to fellow retirees
  • catching up at Happy Hour gatherings
  • fundraising for the Golden Raiders Retiree Scholarship
  • honoring and welcoming the newest retirees during annual Retiree Celebration events

Many of us will eventually join the ranks of the Golden Raiders, some sooner rather than later. In the meantime, it’s important to share who they are, what they do and their impact on our GRCC community and family.


Please contact angelasalinas@grcc.edu with any questions.

One thought on “Who are the Golden Raiders?

  1. Thank you for expounding on the Golden Raiders. A very well written tribute to those who helped build the college and various programs and still enjoy being a part of the College and continue giving to the college. I always say” GRCC was a great place to work but a better place to retire from”! May the current faculty, staff and others continue to work at the college and when the time comes enjoy a healthy and wealthy😁 retirement.
    (Psst.. don’t take all those books , notes, journals and whatever else you may have accumulated , home with you when you retire….they only take up space in your garage !).

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