Scholarship Stories: GRCC Foundation support helped Veronika Frei cover expenses, continue with her education

For Veronika Frei, her GRCC Foundation scholarship was a timely surprise.

“After being temporarily unemployed with no money coming in, I was in a bind,” she said of the pandemic lockdown. “The scholarship made it possible to pay daily bills like groceries, gas and my phone bill!”

Frei was one of 10 GRCC students to receive the new AT&T Aspire program scholarship. Funded by the AT&T Foundation, it’s one of more than 300 scholarships available by completing just one application.

The Grand Rapids Community College Foundation plans to distribute $1.4 million in scholarships to more than 1,000 students this year, and the priority deadline is March 15. The application and additional information can be found at

“I was overwhelmed with joy when I saw the email,” said Frei, who plans to become a high school art teacher. “Knowing that I did not need to worry about my financial needs for a month or two, was a huge relief. GRCC looks out for their students and I am extremely grateful for their help.”

Wellness Wednesday: Good Vibes

Professor Melanie Schiele-Gady.

These last two years have been challenging, to say the least. We all need some good vibes. Professor Melanie Schiele-Gady can help.

GRCC is helping students and employees focus on all areas of health and wellness as we emerge together from the pandemic.

Wellness is a full integration of physical, mental and spiritual health. That includes physical health, but so much more. During the next year we’re also looking at emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, environmental and occupational health, and how we all can work to help ourselves and each other.

There are many resources at GRCC to help all of these types of wellness. Each week, we’ll introduce you to people and places here on campus ready to support you on your wellness journey.

Melanie is a professor in the GRCC Exercise Science Department, and yoga is among the classes she teaches. 

She created a “Mindfulness Minutes” video to help all of us rejuvenate and replenish

“Good Vibes-Rejuvenate and Replenish at work, school or just Life,” she said. “Join in, and give yourself a ‘break,’ Give back to your body-mind-spirit so it shows up with good vibes.”

To follow along with the video, Melanie said you’ll need a chair – preferably one not on wheels. Workout clothes are not required, but you might feel better slipping off your shoes.

Melanie is an award-winning educator, and a member of the Adams State University Athletics Hall of Fame for her All-American performance on the volleyball court and her success in the classroom. 

Follow along here: Good Vibes Rejuvenate and Replenish Yoga 

Tech Tip: Find and Replace tool

The Find Menu is a useful menu that will work in almost every application, including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Acrobat, Microsoft Office, Google Drive documents, etc. The menu allows you to search for specific words and phrases in the text of the document or webpage.

This could be helpful with grading, pulling information for research, looking for an answer to a question, etc. You can utilize the find menu by pressing the CTRL and F key on a PC keyboard or Command + F on a Mac. A dialogue box will appear where you can type the word or phrase you would like to find. The tool will search for exact phrases and partial words but it is not case sensitive.

For more information and helpful tips, please visit the IT Customer Support Portal or contact the IT Customer Support Desk at x4357.

If you have a suggestion or a Technology Tip you think can be useful, you can submit them by emailing 

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Register via the Professional Development tile of the Online Center.

Language Arts Online Tutorial Lab: Complete Sentences Workshop 3/21

Please pass this on to your students. On Monday, March 21 at 6 pm the Language Arts Lab is holding a virtual workshop on writing complete sentences. 

We’ll talk about the parts of a sentence, punctuation, and conveying complete thoughts. 

The workshop lasts approximately 45 minutes. Please bring any specific questions you might have. 

Join using the link: provided in Blackboard.