Workforce Wednesday: Andre Broussard II says GRCC helped him reach his goals – and he isn’t stopping

Andre Broussard II smiling and holding an award.

Up until very recently, Andre Broussard II was working as a truck driver — seeing the country and making good money. But like many GRCC Job Training students, his authentic path and passion has a way of showing up and making it known. 

GRCC Workforce Training programs provide in-demand skills leading to rewarding careers. We are introducing students who are heading down an educational pathway and changing their lives by earning occupational certificates.

Broussard’s passion for computers started many years ago, when his family got their first HP desktop computer at home. He was fascinated.

“They used to have this bin of free AOL disks at Walmart so that you could try the internet. I think I grabbed one every time we when there. That is what originally peaked my interest in computers.”

As a teen, Broussard started tinkering with computer hardware and eventually built his own computer at the age of 10.

“Once I did that, I realized that it wasn’t hard for me and that is when I felt like maybe this was my calling.

“In 2006, I graduated from Cassopolis High School. That summer, I took Computer Technology 101 at GRCC. Then, I became a dad and had to set aside my goals. Later, in 2008, I had gotten into working on cars. I took the Automotive Technician program through GRCC’s Job Training. That experience helped me see that it was not the right path for me but it did expose me to GRCC’s Job Training programs.”

It took some time for Broussard to find his way back to his true calling.

“Fast forward to this past year, my son, who is 10 ironically, is really into video/computer gaming. So, I built him a gaming system for Christmas and then built one for myself. Both my son and fiancé said ‘Why don’t you try to do this for a career?’

“Right at that time, the Governor offered Michigan Reconnect and everything just fell into place. I was like, ‘This is my opportunity to go for the one thing that I always wanted to do.’ I took a chance on myself and enrolled in the Computer Support Technician Job Training program.”

When Broussard looked into returning to school, he looked into GRCC’s credit programs and then remembered the Job training programs.

“I figured it would be best for me and my family to do the 18-week Job Training program because that would get me into the workforce quickly.”

The Job Training Computer Support Technician program prepares students to achieve two certifications: the CompTIA A+ Certification and the Network+ Certification. Both of these IT certifications are globally recognized and represent in-demand skills sought by a wide array of employers. This program is designed to address Computer Support from four perspectives: technical, professionalism and employability, business innovation, and design. Students regularly meet local IT technicians, engineers, business owners, and recruiters via Zoom to learn from their experiences and current market expectations.

Committing to the program was not easy. Broussard is taking the Computer Support Technician Job Training Program entirely online, which for him means balancing between being a dad and a student while trying to participate in class over Zoom. But his commitment and hard work is truly paying off!

Andre was recently awarded the first ever MTEC Leadership Award. This award recognizes a student who has gone above and beyond expectation and Broussard has certainly done that!

Here’s an excerpt from his nomination: “Andre is intensely active in acquiring new knowledge, skills, and abilities. However, there is something so much more about Andre – and it is that he expresses great joy while he is learning, and he is eager to fold others into his joy and positivity.”

And there’s more!

“With all the learning and support from my instructor, Moss Ingram, I felt confident enough to pursue a position with Magic Steel, even though the position required 3 years of work experience.” Andre secured an interview and now has been hired as an intern until he finishes his Job Training program.

Broussard is on his way and excited about his future.

“It’s been awesome to see how my accomplishments have impacted my son and family. My mom is proud of me for reaching my goals. I was taught growing up to strive for more and never settle for less. I’m 33 years old now and I didn’t lose sight of my goals. That is how I will continue. Now that I have reached this goal, I will set new ones to achieve. I’m not stopping now.”

GRCC has an unmatched reputation among employers for supplying West Michigan with work-ready technicians. Our graduates specialize in providing empathy for the people they support while solving complex problems using troubleshooting and design thinking methodologies. Students are also taught to focus on human-centered solutions and technology-based innovations for both colleagues and customers.

Next Computer Support Technician program begins May 2, 2022.

Contact the Workforce Training team for additional information through email at and by phone at (616) 234-3800.

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