Windows updates for Business

Beginning Tuesday, May 17, GRCC Information Technology will begin deploying Windows Update for Business for all GRCC Windows machines. The changes may take up to two weeks to be fully implemented across campus. 

What is Windows Update for Business?

Windows Update for Business will keep user’s computers up to date with the latest security defenses and Windows features by directly connecting the system to Windows Update service. 

When will the automatic updates take place?

The updates should take place when the computer is inactive. Users can choose to allow Windows to set active hours based on the user’s utilization, or they may update their active hours in the device’s settings. Once set, Windows will schedule updates outside of the user’s active hours. 

There are two exceptions to this rule: 

  • If the computer has been idle for six hours or more, an update may be completed. 
  • If the update is critical, it may be deployed outside of your active hours. However, users will be prompted to complete the update and have the ability to defer it to a later time. 

If you have any questions or concerns in regards to Windows Updates for Business please reach out to the Customer Support Desk at 616-234-4357 or submit a ticket at

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