Policy review and updates

Policy Meeting

May 2022

10.5 Student Refunds

III. Policy Statement

  • Replaced “Refunds will be made under very limited circumstances” with “Refunds will be issued under limited circumstances”
  • Updated Related Documents / titles throughout policy
  • Clarified that process is done through online center only

VII. Related Documents

  • Added Grading Policy

X. Procedures

  • The Student Records fee is non-refundable
  • changed from “unusual” to “extenuating” circumstances
  • Class(es) will remain on transcript with a Withdrawal (W) or Drop (DR) grade 

11.8 Investment

III. Policy Statement

  • Change “Section 389-142, as amended, of the Michigan Compiled Laws” to “MCL 389.142”.

IV. Reason for Policy

  •  Change “Michigan Compiled Law” to “applicable Michigan statutes”

VII. Related Documents

  • Change “Section 389-142, as amended, of the Michigan Compiled Laws” to “MCL 389.142”.

X. Procedures

  • Title changes throughout. 
  • Added B. “The College may contract a qualified external entity to manage its investments. In this case, the entity will agree to follow all related College policies.” We have done this and wanted it reflected here.
  • Changed C. Replaced “except if” with “unless”
  • Removed D. because we don’t actually do this. We manage investments on the whole separately from what fund they had been in.
  • Added “any new” to G. because we don’t actually present the list to the Board every year, but would (and have) present if there were changes.
  • Changed J. This was demonstrating that there is oversight and, while VP of Finance & Administration does not manage individual transactions as it had been written, she does review them on the whole regularly.

14.6 Hazard Communication

  • Updated links throughout the policy

III. Policy Statement

  • Changed “hazard communication program” to “Hazard Communication Plan” for consistency.

Please visit our College Policies website to see all college policies.

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