GEAR UP Wyoming Summer Career Exploration

School may be out for summer but career exploration continues for GEAR UP Wyoming students.

Last week several students started learning about careers working with children at GRCC’s Early Childhood Development Lab.

Kathleen Neumann designed a program to show high school students what it is like to lead infants, toddlers, and preschoolers in movement and music activities, science and math games, and creative arts productions. The rising juniors will reflect on classroom observations and interactions with staff members in a daily journal.

GEAR UP cohort students also traveled to Grand Valley State University to tour both Allendale and downtown Pew campuses.

At the Kennedy School of Engineering, students observed collegians working to solve mobility design challenges and others assembling a racecar.

At the Seidman School of Business, student checked out stock prices, classrooms resembling boardrooms, and touched white boards used in entrepreneurship competition presentations.

At the Innovation Design Center, formerly Ferris Nut, students learned about how GVSU students and instructors are engaged in special engineering projects sponsored by local industry and government programs.

Students concluded the field trip with a walk through Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel exhibit at the Gerald R Ford Museum.

This week GEAR UP students will be jamming at the Aquinas College Jazz Camp and will travel to Ann Arbor to tour the University of Michigan.

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