Retirement bio of Mansfield Matthewson

For nearly 20 years Mansfield Matthewson has served GRCC as the Director of Purchasing.

He will fondly remember wonderful colleagues he met along the way and he wants to especially mention and recognize Melissa Davis Stasiak for being incredible every step of the way.

Mansfield has a special memory of participating in GRCC Idol, when he sang “Unforgettable” to a crowd of adoring GRCC fans.

He enjoyed presenting supplier diversity statistics to the Board of Trustees and leading the Supplier Diversity Team.

Mansfield was honored to lead the CAP 3.2 (Build an Inclusive Campus for All) and co-lead Strategic Goal #5 (Infrastructure & Sustainability) in which incredible work was accomplished.

Mansfield is waiting to exhale =)….take the summer off and seek a meaningful activity to fill his time during retirement.

Mansfield proclaims: “It’s been a great ride!”

Congratulations and best wishes Mansfield!

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