Retirement bio of Maureen Milarch

Maureen was hired as the first Assistant Director at the GRCC Early Childhood Learning Laboratory, in January 2014, she served in this role for eight years.

Maureen shares that she was fortunate to work with the two populations she enjoys most: preschoolers and college students. She says, “When I feel blue, all I need is to walk into any of the classrooms at the ECLL. The children are always welcoming and joyful!”

In addition to her work at the ECLL, Maureen appreciated the opportunity to teach Child Development classes from time to time. “My college students give me hope for the future of education.”

Maureen will stay busy in retirement dividing her time between the family farm near Traverse City, Michigan and her new place in Clearwater, Florida. “There’s no place I’d rather be than in Northern Michigan during the summer, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to love the winter in Clearwater!” Maureen will likely find something to do part time in Florida to keep her busy, but she’s in no hurry.

Maureen shares her thanks to the GRCC community for supporting the ECLSS with their beautiful building and also for supporting the early childhood profession through the first-class education GRCC provides to its Child Development and Education students. When these students graduate from GRCC, they are employment ready!

Congratulations and best wishes Maureen!

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