Learn from the Best: Doug MacNeil focuses on career prep in CIS

GRCC Computers Information Systems assistant professor Doug MacNeil hopes to inspire students to continue their education long after they graduate. 

“My father was and is my hero,” MacNeil said. “He never stopped learning.” 

Before he began his long professional and educational career, MacNeil got his start at Delta College, a community college north of Saginaw. 

He now holds a doctorate in Information Technologies from Capella University and works as an enterprise agile program coach at Spectrum Health. 

“What I didn’t know starting out in my profession is how I would change as a person,” said MacNeil . “I have grown through working with people.”

MacNeil has an accomplished work history in project management, IT and education, which gives him a unique perspective into teaching others about his industry – and what works for adult learners.

“I am an advocate of bringing real life experiences into the classroom,” he said. “And even though some classes are not in person, I am able to make personal connections with my students.”

You will catch MacNeil in the classroom, online and in person, teaching CIS 100 Introduction to Computer Introduction Systems, CIS 103 Introduction to Windows and Microsoft Office, CIS 155 Microsoft Word, CIS 156 Microsoft Excel, and CIS 224 Introduction to Systems Analysis.

MacNeil has worked as an adjunct professor at four-year schools, but said he appreciates GRCC students’ varied backgrounds. Their educational journeys enrich the classroom experience.

“The students, they make this all worthwhile,” MacNeil said.

And the computer information systems certificates and degrees they are earning arm them with career preparation. Giving them the competitive advantage in today’s job market.

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