Policy review and updates

Policy Meeting

June 2022


  • Updated policy statement
  • Updated “reason for policy”
  • Updated definitions for A, B, and D
  • Updated procedures A and B

3.2 Non-Discrimination on the Basis of Disability

  • Updated links to ensure WCAG compliance (several links are now identified by the title of the webpage, rather than the web address).
  • Removed outdated links to certain forms, including the Disability Accommodation Request Form (“DARF”) due to the fact that these forms are subject to continued changes to remain compliant with applicable laws.
  • Updated contacts.
  • Added section regarding confidentiality to clarify that information provided in connection with an accommodation request – or information regarding the nature of an accommodation – should remain confidential unless a student or employee has given consent for the information to be disseminated.

6.24 Drug and Alcohol Policy

  • Updated “GRCC Campus Police Department” to “GRCC Police Department” throughout the document. 
  • Updated Policy Statement: 
    • Previous sentence: The GRCC Police Department is responsible for the enforcement of state underage drinking laws and enforcement of Federal and State drug laws.
    • New sentence: GRCC Police are responsible for enforcement of all City, State, and Federal laws relating to drug and alcohol possession, use, sale, or distribution.
  • Add a related form: “GRCC Police Crime Statistics Form (available on the GRCC Police Department Webpage)”
    • Note for the policy team: This form is for clery reportable crimes. The statistics are compiled at the end of the year and included in the Annual Security Report. 
  • IX.C.3. Added the word “only”. The full sentence now reads: “Use of alcohol on campus or during work time (wherever the work is located) is only permitted for work-related social, educational purposes, or non-work time on campus at our Fountain Hill Brewery and Heritage Restaurant.”
  • X.G – Added this statement: “If a CSA becomes aware of a drug or alcohol related crime that occurs on campus or during a GRCC sponsored event, that crime must be reported to GRCC Police.”

Please visit our College Policies website to see all college policies.

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