My Story Started at GRCC: Jessica Schippa’s career change idea led to GRCC’s Dental Hygiene program

Jesseca Schippa smiling.

GRCC is a great place to learn – even while you teach here!

Jesseca Schippa already had a bachelor’s degree in psychology, but she was ready for a career change and enrolled in GRCC’s Dental Hygiene program.

“The faculty not only taught me what I needed to learn for my profession, but I could tell they also cared about me as a person and wanted to help me succeed,” she said.

Schippa earned her associate degree in 2014, but her GRCC experience prompted her to set a new career goal.

“I went to GRCC to become a dental hygienist, and during my time there, the faculty made such a great impression on me as a student that I discovered I wanted to be on that end of the program and be part of helping future generations of students achieve their dreams,” she said.

“When I went to graduate school to get my master’s, it was so I could teach at GRCC. I didn’t want to teach anywhere else. I wanted to stay in the program that cultivated and supported me so well and do that same thing for others.”

After three years as an adjunct clinical instructor, Schippa accepted a position of assistant professor and first-year clinic coordinator in May.

And she’s still learning from GRCC faculty.

“During my time here as an adjunct, they have continued to support me and help me grow,” she said. “As I have assumed my new position, they have continued in their support and guidance, and I look forward to paying that forward for generations of students to come.

“I love being a dental hygienist, but fast-forward eight years later, and I am in my dream position, doing something I absolutely love with some of the best colleagues I could ask for!”

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