Learn from the Best: Greg Corfixsen teaches GRCC science students what to learn, but also how to learn

Gregory Corfixsen enjoys teaching so much, he helps students at both the high school level and at GRCC as an adjunct professor. 

“Teaching can be a difficult job at times, but it is also very rewarding,” Corfixsen said. “It takes a lot of time outside of just being in class. Building relationships and helping to teach students how to learn, and not just what to learn, is very rewarding.”

Greg Corfixsen
Greg Corfixsen

Corfixsen said GRCC instructors are very caring, and are sensitive to the general needs of the students.

“The program evolves to meet the academic needs and expectations of the students and community.”

Corfixsen’s day-job is teaching science-related courses at the high school level. After graduating from Central Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education and Teaching, he began teaching biology and general science at Algonac Community schools.

A couple of years later he moved to Wyoming High School where he teaches biology, ecology, human anatomy and physiology, and AP biology. 

In 2003 Corfixsen completed his master’s degree in secondary education and teaching with an emphasis in biology from Grand Valley State University, and he began teaching as an adjunct professor at GRCC in 2007.

“GRCC has a terrific student-centered atmosphere in which to teach,” Corfixsen said. “The faculty and staff are professional, supportive and willing to collaborate with each other.”

Look for Corfixsen on the class list this fall, teaching BI 101 General Biology, BI 117 Human Anatomy & Physiology, BI 121 Human Anatomy & Physiology I, or BI 122 Human Anatomy & Physiology II. 

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