Employee Exercise Classes for Fall 2022 semester

How do you take care of YOU? Exercise is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress, build strength, increase energy, and boost mood.

We are fortunate at GRCC that complimentary exercise classes are available to all employees. Wellness is fundamental to job success and workplace satisfaction. 

Great news! Spin is BACK!!! 

All classes are 45 minutes. All levels are welcome. Modify to meet your own fitness needs and goals. For more information, please visit the Employee Exercise website.

Mondays — 5:15-6:00pm

Spin with Kelly

Room 213 FFH

Tuesdays — 12:00-12:45pm

Strength Blast with Lannie

Room 213 FFH

Wednesdays — 12:00-12:45pm

Raider Strong with Lannie

Room 213 FFH

Thursdays — 12:00-12:45pm

Fitness Fusion with Lannie

Room 213 FFH

Please take a moment to register for Fall 2022 semester employee exercise participation. The registration form includes the waiver and calendar appointments will be sent to you so you allot the time to join the workout each week.

As always, please contact angelasalinas@grcc.edu if you have any questions or need further information.

To inspire you, please enjoy this message from Amanda Kruzona, a “regular” at employee exercise classes.

What is your “Wellness Why”? shared by Amanda Kruzona

What makes you “choose” employee exercise at GRCC?

  • Access. I don’t have to drive anywhere to get a quality workout, I can clean up before returning to work, and I don’t have to pay for it.
  • Satisfaction. I have never regretted a workout.
  • Accountability. I have someone looking out for me, making sure that I stay motivated.

What benefits do you enjoy from participating?

  • Better mood
  • Easier gratitude – my mood, positivity, self confidence, etc. allow me to appreciate life more.
  • Self confidence
  • Better focus
  • Better sleep
  • Positivity
  • Healthier choices

How does GRCC employee exercise help make you a better employee?

  • Teamwork/camaraderie. I feel the effects of having someone you work with support you on something simple like doing one more squat so I know how it might feel to someone else when you motivate them to do something that improves their work life. Meeting people in informal settings allows you to make more meaningful connections which is a stronger foundation for building relationships as well.
  • Motivation. Because I can do hard things like burpees, it makes it easier to do things that are hard professionally.
  • Enables work/life balance. I appreciate my work day and get more done so I can spend more quality time with my family. It saves me from having resentment against either.

What motivates you?

  • Life longevity
  • Happiness
  • Role model for family

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