Michigan Reconnect, Futures for Frontliners students can tap state wraparound supports through GRCC’s Get Help website

Additional financial support for students attending Grand Rapids Community College through the Michigan Reconnect and Futures for Frontliners programs is available through the college’s Get Help website.

The Legislature created a $6 million fund to help students in the programs experiencing financial obstacles. GRCC will have over $570,000 to provide to students with a maximum grant amount of$550 for expenses such as child care, internet access, and transportation.

These state grants are available through the “emergency funding” link on GRCC’s grcc.edu/gethelp webpage, which also includes links to college and community resources available to all students.

“The state wraparound support is wonderful and will make a difference for people using Michigan Reconnect and Futures for Frontliners,” said Dr. Kathryn K. Mullins, vice president of College Advancement and executive director of the GRCC Foundation. “So many of our students need that extra help to overcome financial barriers.”

Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist II spoke about the new state support program last week at GRCC.

“By working with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, we hit a trifecta in our work to put adult learners in Michigan on the path to a brighter future and to provide employers with the highly skilled workers they need to keep and grow their businesses throughout the state,” he said.

The Michigan Reconnect program, launched in February 2021, covers the cost of in-district tuition for students ages 25 and older who have not yet earned a degree. Frontliners was available in 2020 for residents who worked in essential fields during the state’s COVID-19 shutdown.

About 22 percent of GRCC students were using the state programs during the past academic year. The college has enrolled 1,088 Reconnect and 1,1162 Futures for Frontliners students so far for the upcoming fall semester.

GRCC and other eligible institutions can distribute the allocated funds directly to eligible students who have completed at least one semester – with as much as $550 available per student for the academic year.

To be eligible for the state wraparound services grants students must:

  • Be Michigan Reconnect or Futures for Frontliners scholarship participants.
  • Have completed at least one semester within the respective scholarship program in which they are participating.
  • Be enrolled already or be in the process of enrolling for a following qualifying semester.

Students who are not in the Reconnect or Frontliners programs can also access the college’s emergency fund, which was created by GRCC President Emeritus Steven C. Ender in 2009 through employee donations to the Grand Rapids Community College Foundation. It helps students who face emergencies such as losing their job, needing a place to live or having their utilities shut off. The fund has provided nearly $230,000 in grants and loans since 2014, helping a record 211 students last year.

To donate to GRCC’s emergency fund, student food pantry, or scholarship funds, go to grcc.edu/donate.

“We deeply appreciate the assistance from donors who contribute to our Emergency Assistance Fund and scholarships,” Mullins said. “They are changing lives.”

New calendar for student events on grcc.edu

The Web & Digital Strategy team have built a tool in Drupal, the campus web content management system, to feed events from GRCC Raider Connect to an event calendar on grcc.edu, and on department web pages.

That calendar is now live!

Students can now explore virtual and on-campus events at Raider Connect and grcc.edu. They will also see events on the GRCC department webpage that published the event to Raider Connect.

This centralized, user-friendly calendar of events for students will build stronger student engagement!  

Promote your virtual and on-campus events to students

The creation of the new student event calendar on grcc.edu has given Student Life, Web & Digital Strategy and Communications a chance to partner and develop an easy way for you to promote events to students on the grcc.edu homepage, your department page, digital signs and social media.

Your event for students will be promoted on the grcc.edu homepage, and your department page, automatically once you submit your event on Raider Connect.

Social media posts, and digital signs, will regularly encourage students to check Raider Connect to learn about events and opportunities on and off campus. And your event may be used to highlight Raider Connect on digital signs and social media.

Learn how you can promote your event across all of these channels with one easy process. Contact Tyler Anderson to schedule a meeting with Student Life and Communications starting in September. 

Raider Connect builds student engagement

Raider Connect is a student engagement platform operated by Student Life & Conduct.

Students can:

  • See the latest GRCC news curated just for them.
  • Check into online or in-person events and activities online and earn credit for their attendance.
  • Track their campus involvement to add to their resumé.
  • Be automatically notified of any future events hosted by an organization of an event they attended.
  • Add events to their Google Calendar, and create event reminders.

HR Notification: Retirement Expert is not a college sponsored company

You may have received an email from Alexa Brown at Retirement Expert that included a link to make an appointment for a GRCC Retirement Planning Meeting.

Please note, this is a third party marketing company that has not been vetted by GRCC as a viable option for employees to use in retirement planning.

Employees are always welcome to have a financial consultant of their own choosing, but we wanted to make sure anyone receiving this email knew this was not a college sponsored company. 

Employees looking for more information about retirement are encouraged to review the Human Resources Ready to Retire Guide

Thank you

Get ready for Involvement Day 2022: sign up to table and meet students

Student Life will host Involvement Day 2022 on Wednesday, September 7 from 11 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. on the Dr. Juan R. Olivarez Student Plaza.

This event is designed to pull together our campus student organizations, departments and programs as well as community organizations to build community and inspire involvement! 

We will provide tables and chairs as well as any other accommodations.

Welcome Week Involvement Day Tabling sign up

Photos from Involvement Day 2021