GEAR UP Wyoming at MTEC

Tassell MTEC staff hosted families from GEAR UP Wyoming partner districts last night to explain possible career pathways and certification programs.

For a few students, this was a second visit to the MTEC.

“And this is where I put seven welds on my Star Wars spacecraft,” explained Osbaldo Torres, a Kelloggsville junior who participated in the Cruisin’ to College Summer Learning Academy ’21 to learn about careers in the trades.

MTEC Director John VanElst welcomed the families and described the many grants available to help students afford training programs. Workforce Training’s Jeff Byrd led tours to explain the actual lab work involved in welding, automotive, electrical, and construction trades.

Byrd noted that high quality teaching and learning positions MTEC graduates to move into jobsites and workplaces to produce and contribute right away.

“I got a call out of the blue the other day from a former student,” shared Byrd. “He took a job in Texas as an electrician for Kraft and earns a six-figure income. I had to stay after him, keep him on track, but he is very successful today.”

GEAR UP Wyoming families left the MTEC visit with homework. This year the Class of 2024 cohort at Kelloggsville, Wyoming, Godwin Heights, and Godfrey Lee will be putting together college lists and assessing them for affordability, admissibility, and overall fit.

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