GEAR UP Wyoming Writing Workshop at Aquinas College

Plot five events on a personal timeline. Pick one. Explode a moment in this event with descriptive details appealing to all senses. Connect a lesson learned from this reflection to your expected success in college.

With these instructions, GEAR UP Wyoming juniors started possible drafts for college application essays last Saturday at Aquinas College.

Dr. Gretchen Rumohr, English department chair at Aquinas College, shared with students how they can use their own voices. Her tips: get started, be self-centered, use meaningful details, get feedback, answer the question, and remember your college admissions/financial aid audience.

In addition to discussing a sample essay, students also practiced strategies to approach the SAT writing and language section.

The GEAR UP cohort then brunched at Wege, met with Admissions staff to learn about academic programs and financial aid, and toured campus with stops at the library, a new science building, a dorm room, and the soccer field.

Visits to area colleges help cohort juniors at Kelloggsville, Wyoming, Godfrey Lee, and Godwin Heights with this year’s assignment to compile college lists based on affordability, admissibility, and other fit factors.

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