2022 Van & Marinus Swets Travel Award 1st Place Winner shares his travel experience

Jason Hansen, of the IT Department, won the 1st place award for the 2022 Van & Marinus Swets Travel Award. 

Jason and his wife celebrated their 50th birthdays and the 25th anniversary of their first date. 

They took a cruise of the San Juan islands off the coast of Seattle on a small on an old research vessel that was converted into a small cruise ship. It held 15 people total. In fact, for his honeymoon they went on this very same ship for a week-long cruise in Alaska.

Jason extends his many thanks for the Foundation with this personal statement and shared some fabulous photos with us:

I was able to unplug and didn’t have much contact with the outside world. A dream for someone like me where all I ever do is work on computer issues. We had a great trip. No airline issues, weather was great, and we made it back in one piece! Thank you! 

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