GRCC Policies updated

Policy Meeting

October 2022

11.15 Purchasing

Policy Statement

  • Increased amount for Director of Purchasing or designee to approve $10,000 or more (up from $5,000 or more).  Increased amount for Procurement Specialist or designee to approve less than $10,000 (up from less than $5,000).


  • added Attachment A – GRCC Logo Apparel
  • added Attachment B – MLBE

6.2 EEO & Non-Discrimination

  • Section VII(c):  Changed “Ethics Monitoring Brochure” to linked “Ethics Monitoring System.”
  • Section VII(d): Revised Policy names to reflect accurate titles.
  • Section IX(b): Fixed several broken hyperlinks.
  • Section IX(c): Updated definition of “prohibited discrimination” to include harassment by “vendors, volunteers or any member of the campus community.”
  • Section IX(c): Revised definition of “prohibited discrimination” related to “retaliation” to prohibit retaliation for having “participated in” a discrimination investigation or lawsuit.”
  • Section IX(g): Revised definition of “Political Affiliation.”
  • Section IX(j)(2): Revised language to be gender neutral.

6.3 Unlawful Harassment

  • Revised Title
  • Section V: Revised covered entities to ensure consistency with EO and Non-Discrimination Policy.
  • Section VI: Revised to ensure consistency with EO and Non-Discrimination Policy.
  • Formatting, grammatical and title changes throughout Policy.

The new/revised policies have been added to the College Policies website.

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